3 thoughts on “Goodbye Lake of Constance!

  1. Um in den Ferien nicht aus der Übung zu geraten, erlaub ich mir mal, deine nette Übersetzungsübung nachzumachen. 🙂

    Ja, der See ist schon was tolles. Wenn ich aus dem Urlaub zurückkomme, fühl ich mich immer erst so richtig zu Hause, wenn ich am See vorbeikomme, meist mit dem Zug über die Rheinbrücke. Genial.

    Yeah, the lake definitely is something fantastic. When I return from a vacation I always don’t feel quite at home until I’ve come by the lake, mostly by train across the Rhine Bridge…gorgeous.

    Sí, el lago seguramente es algo fantástico. Cuando vuelvo de vacaciones siempre no me siento tanto en casa hasta que paso por el lago, en general en tren por el puente del Rin…maravilloso

  2. Hey I am trying to get in touch with a good friend from Konstanz, I saw she posted in an older post of yours but now I can’t find it – I really want to get in touch with her again, she would always visit when she was in the UK but now we have lost contact 🙁 I’d really appreciate it if you let me know how I could speak to her again, an email address/facebook anything! Hope you can help, thanks!

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