Month: October 2009

  • About Borobudur

    Long time no post, I’m sorry for that, but I was quite occupied. Well about that old Buddhist Temple is only to say: Watch the pictures and enjoy! Schon länger nichts mehr geschrieben, hiermit entschuldige ich mich, aber ich war in letzter Zeit ziemlich beschäftigt. Über diesen alten Buddhistischen Temple gibt es sowieso nur eins […]

  • About Silat

    Today I had my first Silat-lesson with Raka, a friend of mine from the AFS. Actually another of the exchange students was supposed to join, but lamentably he couldn’t make it. Silat is an traditional South-East-Asian Material Art that can be found anywhere. Every school is unique and Raka told me that there are about […]

  • About a Bathtub

    Well for the last past years I’ve been only showering and when we stayed in that four stars hotel in Yogyakarta with AFS and found myself in a bathroom with a bathtub and hot water I could not resist the idea of having a nice hot bath. A little bit contradictionary since Yogyakarta is quite […]

  • About the Internet Connection

    So I got the wrong information from the retail store. My internet connection doesn’t allow 3 GB before it slows down but 2,5GB. Now I’m at 2,5 GB and it’s still some 3 more days to go.  Actually I thought I wouldn’t reach the limit. Guess I was wrong. Well lurching around with some 64kbit/s […]

  • About Lava

    One of the things we cannot controll. Standing in front of a cold lava stream I realized that this is where human possibilities end. Some villagers brought goods from the near-by forest over the cold lava masses. We passed by a protection room. It was supposed to save people from the heat, but two persones […]

  • About Transportation

    So the first difference to see compared to Bogor is, NO Angkots at all. They have a bus system there and these nice Tricycles with a seat in front you can sit on. And of course Taxis. But we rented a driver for the first day because our first day was all about sight-seeing. For […]

  • About Being Sick … Again

    Before I tell you about all the cool stuff, let’s talk about the not so cool things first. I got Diarrea while I was in Yogyakarta. Luckily it I still could come around. After I got medication from the doctor it soon became better and I could enjoy Yogyakarta more. But somehow it is really […]

  • About a Trip

    So I’m back home now and it is time to write about my trip, but lamentably or luckily it is to much for one post. So you will find several posts about this trip in the upcoming days, each covering one event. Starting from today, later this day I’ll post the first one. Inzwischen bin […]

  • About my daily Way

    Little to say, just enjoy some pictures I took on my way to work and back. Es gibt wenig zu sagen, genießt einfach die Bilder, die ich auf meinem Weg zur Arbeit und zurück gemacht habe. Hay poco que decir, simplemente disfrutan las fotos que tomé mientras caminaba al trabajo y al regresar. [imagebrowser id=17]

  • YCM Newsletter – August

    A little bit late but still before the September one is out: Dear friends and supporters, Gesine’s birthday was on the 5th of August. This year it was her 50th birthday. I had a plan already to visit her in Bali. Before I left Bogor to get to Bali, I caught the enthusiasm of the […]