Month: December 2009

  • 2010

    The last hours of 2009. Time for a little review. Early this year I found out I would go to Indonesia. I made my ‘Abitur’ (german final exams). Eventually I went to Indonesia in August. Loads of new experience, new friends. Many changes have come to me. A rich year in review. Ahead of me […]

  • Ujung Kulon

    The stay with the family in Puncak was not over yet, but I had to leave back to Bogor. Soon I would go to the Ujung Kulon National Park. So in the early morning of the 25th I took an Angkot, still sleepy after a rather short night. I didn’t missed the chance to get […]

  • Merry Christmas …

    A bit late, but I still wish Merry Christmas to everybody. These Days had been full of activity, I’ll blog about it very soon.  Also the last Advent Pictures for the calender will come then. All that is left to say for now is, have a happy new year too! Ein bisschen spät, aber wünsche […]

  • Advent Calender Day 17, 18

    Let the pictures speak for themselves. Lasst die Bilder für sich selbst sprechen. Dejan hablar los imagines por si mismos. [imagebrowser id=22]

  • About Carambol

    In breaktime we like to play a game called carambol. Simply said Billiard with chips instead of balls. You flip the white chip in order to move the red or blue chips. If you move the King (chip on top) out of the inner circle you get two minus points. No Chip in the inner […]

  • Advent Calender Day 14, 15, 16

    Now I’m up to date again … I hope i can keep it up … Jetzt bin ich wieder auf dem neusten Stand … ich hoffe, dass es dabei bleibt … Ya de nuevo estoy en la fecha actual … ojalá que se queda así … [imagebrowser id=22]

  • Advent Calender Day 11, 12, 13

    Sorry for being late … Entschuldigung für die Verspätung … Perdón por el retardamiento … [imagebrowser id=22]

  • Advent Calender Day 10

    The mountains in Puncak … only the picture is still missing due to my first blackout here. Die Berge in Puncak … nur leider fehlt das Bild noch, denn der Strom ist hier zum ersten Mal ausgefallen. las montañas en Puncak … solamente que aún falta la foto porque en este momento tenemos mi primero […]

  • Advent Calender Day 9

    A path in a Quarter. Ein Weg in einem Viertel. Un camino en un barrio. [imagebrowser id=22]

  • Advent Calender Day 8

    Working in YCM. Arbeiten im YCM. Trabajar en el YCM. [imagebrowser id=22]