No More To Say #10


This time it is an English Session:

The Caliphate as an ultimate goal?(Economist)

  • Islam and Democracy  as seen by the Economist.

The perfect lie detector(NewScientist)

  • Is there a brain pattern to lying that can be detected eventually?

The World… (flicker)

  • … as perceived by Switzerland if an portion of irony.

The London uprisings and the Arab Spring(Al-Jazeera)

  • Is an comparison justified?


  • Can innovation be learned?

On China’s investment in Africa(Economist)

  • An article trying to find out about a Chinese syndicate.


Warum Anonymität im Internet wichtig ist(Spiegel Online)

  • Aus Angst vor Terrorismus kann man schnell einmal die guten Seiten von Anonymität vergessen.


No More To Say #8


Satire on American Journalists perception of Terrorism(

  • If anything bad happens anywhere out their, there can be but one reaction …

Hard Road back(

  • About the re-socialization of former FARC members in Colombia.


Ärzte made in Kuba(swr2)

  • Eine Dokumentation über das medizinische Versorgungssystem in Kuba (pdf und Audiofile am rechten Rand).

Stützen der Gesellschaft(

  • Über das Ehrenamt in Deutschland.


Ningún ser humano es ilegal(

El difícil camino de volver a la sociedad(

  • Un artículo en inglés sobre los combatantes demovilizados de la FARC, pero el videoe está en español con subtítulos ingleses.