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  • Art in Singapore

    We go back in time, at least a bit to keep up with Singapore. I know. We are all anxious to see more pictures from Bali. But one should finish a started story. One thing that did overwhelm me in Singapore was, that there where heaps of arts. Statues, fountains and other curious artistic monuments. […]

  • My favorite ministry

    My favorit what you might ask. I tell you I found my favorite ministry. Those of you reading my blog regulary now might say: “Oh, it must be the Ministry of Information, Communications and Artes in Singapore.” For the others, it is the Ministry of Information, Communications and Artes(MICA) in Singapore. If you wonder why, […]

  • Singapore 2.0

    I couldn’d find a cheap (free) internet access until now. I’m sitting in an art gallery for your information. I planed to wrtite you regulary from my time here in Singapore but as a matter of fact I will write you all the details when I’m in Bogor. What you will read about: Art in […]