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  • About Ujung Kulon: Pulau Peucang

    The jungle we left behind us, but before we dared to get back to civilization, we chilled at the beautiful Isle of Peucang with it’s snow-white beaches. With a tiny boat we crossed the strait and got of at the complex on the Peucang Island. There is a ranger station, a tourist office, three buildings […]

  • Ujung Kulon: The Beach and the Moon

    At the first shelter we had some hours to spend at the beach which we gladly did. Silently we sit there for hours, just watching the waves and the clouds passing by. It was silent at that beach, only the surf was to be heard. Inner peace comes upon you when you’re in such a […]

  • About Ujung Kulon: Walking along the beach

    Today I will tell you about a beautiful beach. It is right at the heart of Ujung Kulon, on the southcoast of Java. It is roughly 15 kilometer long, 10 being perfect sand, 5 being stones, huge rocks and sand. On our second day we walked 5 kilometer through the jungle before we reached the  […]

  • About Ujung Kulon: A Rainbow

    So now I will start to post for you about my trip with Tanja to Ujung Kulon. I decided not to tell it chronologically, but grouped up in themes and with an short story about it. So I begin with an beautiful rainbow that occured on the second day of our trip immediately after the […]

  • Proof of Life

    I’m still alive and I greet you from Bali. I’d been superbusy. My birthday, a festival and coming here to Bali had been occupying me. I saw here so many places, from the mountain tops to the ocean grounds. Though I still have to tell you a bit about Singapore, you can expect some great […]

  • Ujung Kulon

    The stay with the family in Puncak was not over yet, but I had to leave back to Bogor. Soon I would go to the Ujung Kulon National Park. So in the early morning of the 25th I took an Angkot, still sleepy after a rather short night. I didn’t missed the chance to get […]