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  • No More To Say #8

    English: Satire on American Journalists perception of Terrorism(colbertnation.com) If anything bad happens anywhere out their, there can be but one reaction … Hard Road back(aljazeera.net) About the re-socialization of former FARC members in Colombia. Deutsch: Ärzte made in Kuba(swr2) Eine Dokumentation über das medizinische Versorgungssystem in Kuba (pdf und Audiofile am rechten Rand). Stützen der […]

  • No More to Say #2

    Time to publish some links before they turn too old. Not to many links, but I handpicked them for you. Es wird Zeit ein paar Links zu veröffentlichen, ehe sie zu alt werden. Diesmal sind es zwar relativ wenige, aber meiner Meinung nach sind sie sehr gut. Es hora de publicar algunos links antes de […]

  • No More to Say #1

    No More to Say will be a category  I’ll be posting on regular bases on my blog. It consists of several links I encountered in the Internet and I think are worthwhile sharing. Once in a while I might even comment them. Since most content is not published in all the 3 languages of my […]