Tag: Jakarta

  • Goodbye Indonesia: Maliq & D'Essentials

    Time is running up so fast. I got one more week in Indonesia, though I still have a lot of material to write about, so you will still here from me after I returned. I already got some ideas how to continue this blog after the year. My older host sister Chandri have me a […]

  • In Concert: Kings of Convenience

    Here we go again. Yet another concert. This time we go for Indie. On sunday night I went for a concert of Kings of Convenience. We made our way up to Jakarta to the fanciest mall of all. One Pacific Place with a Ritz Carlton Hotel. The food court is amazing, it contains sailing boats. […]

  • A Bit about Jazz

    A Saturday Evening and jazz was on my mind. Lucky me, because I’ve been on a jazz festival that eve. But not any jazz festival, the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. Reaching the International Expo in Jakarta I went to my first concert, Novello. If I […]

  • About the Arrival Camp

    So this is the very last night in the Arrival Camp. We are getting ready to go to Bogor. But what has happened so far? I will give you a little review about the last two days. Yesterday beside some sessions about the culture and language we had a so-called “Mini-Olympics”. Or in other words […]