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  • YCM Activities: Football Day

    I’ve been so busy, that I still couldn’t tell you about the football day yet. This day was some time ago when still all 32 teams were in the World Cup, so don’t wonder about the pictures. The tutors prepared a day full of activities all around the ball. From Quizzes to goal shooting. Everybody […]

  • Guest Blog: Jascha's Birthday

    Today it’s up to me to offer you some news on Jascha’s Blog – I’m spending a few holidays in Indonesia and luckily I could share the celebration of Jascha’s birthday.  The first gratulations came in the early morning within the guest family. Yeyen, Jascha’s girlfriend, came over very early and attracted him with birthday […]

  • The Time has come

    These are the last words written to you from Germany. I’m getting my train in two hours. I’d like to describe you how it feels right now, but I came only to the words: “You know what I mean if you did it too.” I wish you all a good time and hope everybody enjoys […]