Tag: Java Jazz Festival

  • A Bit about Jazz

    A Saturday Evening and jazz was on my mind. Lucky me, because I’ve been on a jazz festival that eve. But not any jazz festival, the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival, one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. Reaching the International Expo in Jakarta I went to my first concert, Novello. If I […]

  • Proof of Life

    I’m still alive and I greet you from Bali. I’d been superbusy. My birthday, a festival and coming here to Bali had been occupying me. I saw here so many places, from the mountain tops to the ocean grounds. Though I still have to tell you a bit about Singapore, you can expect some great […]

  • Jazz goes to Campus

    Sunday afternoon, at the end of my boss’ wedding I was asked to join to the “Jazz goes to Campus” in Depok in the University of Indonesia. So from one second to an other i decided to join. As we were on the way to the train station I got a message from Josh, one […]