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  • Malaysian Adventures: Time’s up

    By the time I’m writing this I’m already sitting in my room in Bogor. I made it back home. The last two days in Malaysia I had to spend in the Embassies. First in the German, later on in the Indonesian. But after some time I had it all figured out and was ready to […]

  • Malaysian Adventures: A City from above

    I am not really sure whether I should find it positive or negative to stay in Malaysia for a longer time. I won’t be able to get back to Indonesia before next Tuesday, maybe even later. Thanks to AFS I can stay in another host family which had been very kind to me. I am […]

  • Too much to report

    I greed you from Malaysia. Yeah you heard me right. I’m not in Indonesia any more. I’m not done yet telling out about my Indotrip. Further I had some activities from YCM, but first I’ll tell you about this Malaysian Adventures. For unknown reasons my visa wasn’t extended anymore, so me and Stefan had to […]