Tag: Rain

  • Indotrip: A River in the Jungle

    When we had been in Bukit Lawang we were trekking for a day in the jungle. We have seen a lot, but that shall be another story. After the trekking we reached an beautiful river with a small laguna. There we stayed and took a bath in water after hours and hours of sweating. We […]

  • Jazz goes to Campus

    Sunday afternoon, at the end of my boss’ wedding I was asked to join to the “Jazz goes to Campus” in Depok in the University of Indonesia. So from one second to an other i decided to join. As we were on the way to the train station I got a message from Josh, one […]

  • Time to blog

    I know, I know. It has been quite a time since i wrote you guys the last time and I’m sorry. Here I am now, sitting on the Veranda of the Yogyakarta building in my family’s restaurant. The rain falls on the trees and in the fish ponds in front of me. The birds are […]