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  • A Note: Ujung Kulon

    You won’t hear from me for the next few days since I”m heading off to Ujung Kulon, again. But this time I”ll actually trek through it. It should need 3 days and will bring you awesome pictures . Wish me good luck and hope for me that I won’t get malaria. In den naechsten paar […]

  • Proof of Life

    I’m still alive and I greet you from Bali. I’d been superbusy. My birthday, a festival and coming here to Bali had been occupying me. I saw here so many places, from the mountain tops to the ocean grounds. Though I still have to tell you a bit about Singapore, you can expect some great […]

  • Singapore

    Hey People, half time is practically over and for visa reasons we have to leave the country for some days. So me and Stefan have to go to Singapore from tuesday till friday. I guess it means some great pictures for you! Hallo Leute, die halbe Zeit ist nun vorbei und wegen dem Visum müssen […]

  • Ujung Kulon

    The stay with the family in Puncak was not over yet, but I had to leave back to Bogor. Soon I would go to the Ujung Kulon National Park. So in the early morning of the 25th I took an Angkot, still sleepy after a rather short night. I didn’t missed the chance to get […]

  • About Lava

    One of the things we cannot controll. Standing in front of a cold lava stream I realized that this is where human possibilities end. Some villagers brought goods from the near-by forest over the cold lava masses. We passed by a protection room. It was supposed to save people from the heat, but two persones […]

  • About a Trip

    So I’m back home now and it is time to write about my trip, but lamentably or luckily it is to much for one post. So you will find several posts about this trip in the upcoming days, each covering one event. Starting from today, later this day I’ll post the first one. Inzwischen bin […]