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  • Malaysian Adventures: Time’s up

    By the time I’m writing this I’m already sitting in my room in Bogor. I made it back home. The last two days in Malaysia I had to spend in the Embassies. First in the German, later on in the Indonesian. But after some time I had it all figured out and was ready to […]

  • Malaysian Adventures: A City from above

    I am not really sure whether I should find it positive or negative to stay in Malaysia for a longer time. I won’t be able to get back to Indonesia before next Tuesday, maybe even later. Thanks to AFS I can stay in another host family which had been very kind to me. I am […]

  • Too much to report

    I greed you from Malaysia. Yeah you heard me right. I’m not in Indonesia any more. I’m not done yet telling out about my Indotrip. Further I had some activities from YCM, but first I’ll tell you about this Malaysian Adventures. For unknown reasons my visa wasn’t extended anymore, so me and Stefan had to […]

  • Singapore 2.0

    I couldn’d find a cheap (free) internet access until now. I’m sitting in an art gallery for your information. I planed to wrtite you regulary from my time here in Singapore but as a matter of fact I will write you all the details when I’m in Bogor. What you will read about: Art in […]

  • Singapore

    Hey People, half time is practically over and for visa reasons we have to leave the country for some days. So me and Stefan have to go to Singapore from tuesday till friday. I guess it means some great pictures for you! Hallo Leute, die halbe Zeit ist nun vorbei und wegen dem Visum müssen […]

  • Monthly visit at the Immigration Office

    Already four week over? Seems so, because it is time again to go to the Immigration Office. Nothing exciting though. I just need to sign some papers. But it is every month. Lucky the “weltwärts”-participants who come next year because they will get a one-year visa. Schon wieder vier Wochen rum? Scheint so, denn es […]

  • Having fun with the Visa…

    Won’t get the visa I planed, time to get another …