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  • Time to blog

    I know, I know. It has been quite a time since i wrote you guys the last time and I’m sorry. Here I am now, sitting on the Veranda of the Yogyakarta building in my family’s restaurant. The rain falls on the trees and in the fish ponds in front of me. The birds are […]

  • About Surprises

    I imagine you want you hear beautiful stories from Borneo, so do I. But mine is different. Very different. All starts with the morning before the flight, I didn’t feel that well. But I ignore it, I don’t want to miss that chance for a dumb feeling. So we headed of to the airport and […]

  • Vacation and other little things

    So I’ve been on Lebaran-Holidays since Wednesday. Lebaran or Idul Fitri (arabic: becoming holy again) is the end of the Ramadhan-Month and concludes the fasting time by asking everybody for forgiveness. You could compare it to Christmas-Holidays in christian countries. Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Southborneo, more exactly Kalimantan. You’ll see some beautiful pictures in […]

  • About a Sunday

    This sunday begun pretty normal with me waking up. Besides an AFS-Activity in the morning I went to Puncak with my family. The house is restaureted by now and there had to be a opening ceremony. This event would take place today. But before all the people would come there was a lot of time […]

  • A Trip with the Family

    Weekend. The perfect time to meet up with the whole family. Easier said than done, but I’ll explain it later. A trip into the near-by tea mountains, to be exactly to Puncak, where the family owns a house, it is renovating right now. Now since the whole family hadn’t gathered yet completely we waited. And […]

  • A new Home

    I don’t know when you will actually read this post, since I still have to look how to manage all the things with the internet, but I’m writting it for you anyway. It might be that you get like several posts at once. So all I did today was pretty much await the very moment […]