Category: Goodbye

  • Goodbye Indonesia: Last day at Work

    My last day in YCM was a great day. Several events fell together. There was the movie-making, the Music Festival and of course my Goodbye Party. While the first two parts would be already enough for a blog post each on its own, I decided for now to only tell you about my goodbye. Many […]

  • Goodbye Indonesia: Maliq & D'Essentials

    Time is running up so fast. I got one more week in Indonesia, though I still have a lot of material to write about, so you will still here from me after I returned. I already got some ideas how to continue this blog after the year. My older host sister Chandri have me a […]

  • The Time has come

    These are the last words written to you from Germany. I’m getting my train in two hours. I’d like to describe you how it feels right now, but I came only to the words: “You know what I mean if you did it too.” I wish you all a good time and hope everybody enjoys […]

  • Goodbye Lake of Constance!

    I don’t want to say much. I let the lake speak for himself. Ich möchte nicht viele Worte verlieren. Der See soll für sich sprechen. No quiero decir mucho. El lago lo dirá. [imagebrowser id=3]