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  • Cannelloni Tricolore

    Englisch: Ingredients(4 persons): 300g minced meat 800g chopped tomatoes(canned) 50g tomato puree 1 big onion 2 garlic cloves 250g ricotta 400g  chopped leaf spinach 300g Gruyère(cheese) 250g Cannelloni 50g butter 50g flour ~600ml milk pepper, salt, italian spices, honey, lemon, olive oil Yester in the evening I was cooking with a good friend and this […]

  • In Concert:Omara Portuondo in Lucerne

    English: Ever since I heard the Buena Vista Social Club I was in love with the music. I truly regretted not to be born a decade earlier. This has been eased since last Thursday. Even though I wasn’t the whole Buena Vista Social Club, I couldn’t be more happy. I saw Omara Portuondo – 80 […]

  • GIMUN in Geneva

    I just got back from Geneva. It had been four very intense days and not only because of the Conference. You see on Thursday I was getting to Geneva and went straight to the Graduate Institute. The building the Conference was taking place at is situated in a public park at the very brink of […]

  • Indotrip: The Jungle Inn

    If you want to see wild Orang Utan in Sumatra, Bukit Lawang is your place to go to. That’s why ended up there. When we got there, we walked all the way up the river until the village ended and the National Park Gunung Leuser began. And there at the border of civilisation we found […]

  • Indotrip: Underwater Adventure

    On our Indotrip we had been to the beautiful and layed-back Gili Islands. We stayed on the more quiet Gili Air, but that didn’t mean we wouldn’t have adventures. We had two opportunities to go snorkeling and each time we could met turtles. We went with the currents along the Islands. One time along the […]

  • Indotrip: Eating the Indonesian Way

    So, for now YCM events and parts of the Indotrip will be presented in turns. When my friends arrived in Indonesia, we had an aweful long trip to Bogor in the bus since it was rush hour in Jakarta. When is it not rush hour in Jakarta? Anyways, we got to Bogor totally starved, we […]

  • Indotrip: A River in the Jungle

    When we had been in Bukit Lawang we were trekking for a day in the jungle. We have seen a lot, but that shall be another story. After the trekking we reached an beautiful river with a small laguna. There we stayed and took a bath in water after hours and hours of sweating. We […]

  • Indotrip: Bira

    So today I’m running a bit late in writing you for several reasons. Today I’m going to tell you about our stay in Bira. A sleepy seaside village at the south-eastern part of South Sulawesi. If you come under the week you may even wonder how there could be tourism at all in such a […]

  • Indotrip: Hotel Carolina

    One remarkable place on our trip was the Hotel California – wait Hotel Carolina – we stayed in Tuk Tuk, a peninsula on the peninsula of Samosir in Lake Toba. If you’re still confused by California, Tuk Tuks (really not the transportation!) or the peninsula on the peninsula, take your time. For the others I […]

  • About Ujung Kulon: The final Chapter

    We arrived in Tamanjaya thinking our car would await us and we would go straight back home. Far from the truth this thought was. Our driver hadn’t arrived yet, but we didn’t worry yet. We did our business like paying for the guide and the boat and getting a free lunch – to get the […]