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  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-08 NZZ-Feuilleton über die Rolle der Universität in der Gesellschaft #NZZ #Universität #lesenswert #

  • NZZ-Feuil… NZZ-Feuilleton über die Rolle der Universität in der Gesellschaft #NZZ #Universität #lesenswert

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-06 #Urheberrecht #Denkanstoss #

  • #Urheberr… #Urheberrecht #Denkanstoss

  • Scholarship?

    I thought I would write you guys more, but the truth is I really have to spend a lot of time studying, and in the eve, when I am tired and lazy, it is really difficult to convince myself to write something. Several things happened since I my last entry. I finally moved into my […]

  • On the Road again – ETH Zürich

    I hope my blog will be more vivid in the near future. Why? Because I passed the admission exams of the ETH (federal technical university) Zürich and will start my studies in Switzerland in this very month. The last few weeks I had to spend my time studying, which is why you barely heard from […]

  • JIndoBlog? JInfoBlog!

    What? You might have realized the little, yet an important change in the name of my blog. From now onwards the blog will be more general, since my time in Indonesia is up. I will inform (yes, that’s the key word!) you about pretty much anything I found worthwhile mentioning. It might be trips, events, […]

  • Malaysian Adventures: Time’s up

    By the time I’m writing this I’m already sitting in my room in Bogor. I made it back home. The last two days in Malaysia I had to spend in the Embassies. First in the German, later on in the Indonesian. But after some time I had it all figured out and was ready to […]

  • Malaysian Adventures: A City from above

    I am not really sure whether I should find it positive or negative to stay in Malaysia for a longer time. I won’t be able to get back to Indonesia before next Tuesday, maybe even later. Thanks to AFS I can stay in another host family which had been very kind to me. I am […]

  • Too much to report

    I greed you from Malaysia. Yeah you heard me right. I’m not in Indonesia any more. I’m not done yet telling out about my Indotrip. Further I had some activities from YCM, but first I’ll tell you about this Malaysian Adventures. For unknown reasons my visa wasn’t extended anymore, so me and Stefan had to […]