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  • Short Circuit – Kurzschluss – Cortocircuito

    English: You know these days? You are randomly watching TV, nothing you really meant to watch. As you don’t really care, you are actually more occupied with your computer than with the TV itself. It is a cultural coverage on Arte following a movie you watched and it is way beyond midnight. There is no […]

  • In Concert: Kings of Convenience

    Here we go again. Yet another concert. This time we go for Indie. On sunday night I went for a concert of Kings of Convenience. We made our way up to Jakarta to the fanciest mall of all. One Pacific Place with a Ritz Carlton Hotel. The food court is amazing, it contains sailing boats. […]

  • Jazz goes to Campus

    Sunday afternoon, at the end of my boss’ wedding I was asked to join to the “Jazz goes to Campus” in Depok in the University of Indonesia. So from one second to an other i decided to join. As we were on the way to the train station I got a message from Josh, one […]