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  • Goodbye Indonesia: Last day at Work

    My last day in YCM was a great day. Several events fell together. There was the movie-making, the Music Festival and of course my Goodbye Party. While the first two parts would be already enough for a blog post each on its own, I decided for now to only tell you about my goodbye. Many […]

  • Goodbye Indonesia: Maliq & D'Essentials

    Time is running up so fast. I got one more week in Indonesia, though I still have a lot of material to write about, so you will still here from me after I returned. I already got some ideas how to continue this blog after the year. My older host sister Chandri have me a […]

  • Goodbye Lake of Constance!

    I don’t want to say much. I let the lake speak for himself. Ich möchte nicht viele Worte verlieren. Der See soll für sich sprechen. No quiero decir mucho. El lago lo dirá. [imagebrowser id=3]

  • Leaving a room behind…

    I won’t ever come back to the room I’m living in right now. It’s not like 3 years ago, when I just spent some time somewhere else and returned to my home.  This time I’m leaving for real. Maybe it sound theatrical, but there is a certain truth to it. Today I’m moving out all […]