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  • Goodbye Indonesia: Last day at Work

    My last day in YCM was a great day. Several events fell together. There was the movie-making, the Music Festival and of course my Goodbye Party. While the first two parts would be already enough for a blog post each on its own, I decided for now to only tell you about my goodbye. Many […]

  • YCM Activitites: Green Earth Indonesia

    One of these days Green Earth Indonesia visited us. Their main work field is renaturation of former mining areas. The problem in Indonesia is, that dangerous chemicals are used in the mining process. Thus the earth there is literally dead after the mining ends. Normally renaturation happens on its own, but not under these circumstances. […]

  • YCM Activities: Australian Rules Football

    Indonesia has three teams of the Australian Rules Football, colloquially known as Footy, playing in the AFL Indonesia. They are the Jakarta Bintangs, Borneo Bears and Bali Geckos. The Jakarta Bintangs promote the game around Jakarta by organizing local competitions. YCM has two teams in the competition: “Bogor Thunder” and “Pasar Minggu”. In total 6 […]

  • Indotrip: Eating the Indonesian Way

    So, for now YCM events and parts of the Indotrip will be presented in turns. When my friends arrived in Indonesia, we had an aweful long trip to Bogor in the bus since it was rush hour in Jakarta. When is it not rush hour in Jakarta? Anyways, we got to Bogor totally starved, we […]

  • YCM Colleagues: Rafting

    Now back in Indonesia I finally have time to tell you about my adventures in YCM before I will tell you more about my famous Indotrip. If there is one thing important in en NGO its a good work environment. Many things are part of a good work environment, so is the teamplay of the […]

  • Indotrip: The Beginning is the End

    This had been the three fastest weeks of my life, at least it felt like that. I remember  like it was yesterday how I waited at the Jakarta International Airport for two hours because my two good friends Hanke und Adrian wouldn’t come out. But actually yesterday I saw them walk back into the Jakarta […]

  • A more quiet Time

    So folks, I barely ended my stories about Ujung Kulon, just to announce the next trip. Starting this sunday I will trip around Indonesia with two friends. We will hit Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Bali in the said order. I cannot promise to write you within this three weeks, though I will try to. It […]

  • A Note: Ujung Kulon

    You won’t hear from me for the next few days since I”m heading off to Ujung Kulon, again. But this time I”ll actually trek through it. It should need 3 days and will bring you awesome pictures . Wish me good luck and hope for me that I won’t get malaria. In den naechsten paar […]