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  • YCM Activities: Welcoming VIDA

    If you’re not from Australia you might wonder what is VIDA. To make a long story short, VIDA is an abbreviation for Volunteering for International Development from Australia. A governmental programm that sends Australians in the same way like the “weltwärts”-program. Well YCM itself is cooperating with VIDA and we offer an unique experience to…

  • Monthly visit at the Immigration Office

    Already four week over? Seems so, because it is time again to go to the Immigration Office. Nothing exciting though. I just need to sign some papers. But it is every month. Lucky the “weltwärts”-participants who come next year because they will get a one-year visa. Schon wieder vier Wochen rum? Scheint so, denn es…

  • Why all this?

    A reasoning why I did this blog.