Month: February 2010

  • On Top of the City

    We wanted to see Singapore from above. Only that you’re not allowed to get on top of most of the towers. But finally we ended up at the city’s highest hotel. In the 4 top levels there is a restaurant and a bar. We made up till the 71st floor, the 72nd is for special […]

  • Singapore Signs

    Singapore’s cleaniness comes at a price. It is one of the most regulated countries in the world. Good old London is nothing compared with this. But to make sure you don’t break their laws, there are information signs everywhere. I captured some of the best with my camera for you. Singapurs Reinheit hat einen Preis. […]

  • Singapore Zoo

    Singapore is said to have the greatest zoo on earth. I don’t know about these things, but I surely enjoyed walking in it. 33 of the best pictures I took, just for you. Es heißt Singapur hätte den großatigsten Zoo der Welt. Darüber kann ich nichts aussagen, aber ich habe es defintiv genossen darin umherzustreifen. […]

  • My favorite ministry

    My favorit what you might ask. I tell you I found my favorite ministry. Those of you reading my blog regulary now might say: “Oh, it must be the Ministry of Information, Communications and Artes in Singapore.” For the others, it is the Ministry of Information, Communications and Artes(MICA) in Singapore. If you wonder why, […]

  • Just me

    Some pictures from me around Singapore. Ein paar Bilder von mir in und um Singapur herum. Unas fotos de mi en Singapur. [imagebrowser id=29]

  • Italian Food and Rockstars

    Many of you know I love pasta. In all it shapes and colors, with nearly all of the possible sauces. Well, while I was in Singapore I had the luck to find a real italian restaurant. I allowed myself a portion of simple but classical Linguine al Pomodoro. The taste extraordinary delicous and I felt […]

  • Singapore 2.0

    I couldn’d find a cheap (free) internet access until now. I’m sitting in an art gallery for your information. I planed to wrtite you regulary from my time here in Singapore but as a matter of fact I will write you all the details when I’m in Bogor. What you will read about: Art in […]

  • Singapore

    Hey People, half time is practically over and for visa reasons we have to leave the country for some days. So me and Stefan have to go to Singapore from tuesday till friday. I guess it means some great pictures for you! Hallo Leute, die halbe Zeit ist nun vorbei und wegen dem Visum müssen […]

  • About the Global Knowledge Week

    So once in a while, mostly monthly, we organize a one-week-lasting activity. It is off the normal schedule and we try to mix our normal groups. People have a chance to get to know another, form a group, have team work experiences and learn something. Students like to compete so we organized a competition on […]