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  • Indotrip: Around Samosir Island

    From the before mentioned Hotel Carolina we went to explore the Island of Samosir. We rented some motorcycles for a reasonable price there and drove north along the Samosir’s shore. The beautiful view on the Danau Toba made us stop every few kilometers in order to enjoy the beauty. Our destination was at the northern […]

  • Indotrip: The Jungle Inn

    If you want to see wild Orang Utan in Sumatra, Bukit Lawang is your place to go to. That’s why ended up there. When we got there, we walked all the way up the river until the village ended and the National Park Gunung Leuser began. And there at the border of civilisation we found […]

  • Indotrip: A River in the Jungle

    When we had been in Bukit Lawang we were trekking for a day in the jungle. We have seen a lot, but that shall be another story. After the trekking we reached an beautiful river with a small laguna. There we stayed and took a bath in water after hours and hours of sweating. We […]

  • Indotrip: The Beginning is the End

    This had been the three fastest weeks of my life, at least it felt like that. I remember  like it was yesterday how I waited at the Jakarta International Airport for two hours because my two good friends Hanke und Adrian wouldn’t come out. But actually yesterday I saw them walk back into the Jakarta […]

  • A more quiet Time

    So folks, I barely ended my stories about Ujung Kulon, just to announce the next trip. Starting this sunday I will trip around Indonesia with two friends. We will hit Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi and Bali in the said order. I cannot promise to write you within this three weeks, though I will try to. It […]

  • About an Earthquake

    So by now I have been asked several times if I am ok. With this notice I’d like to tell all of you I’m totally fine. The earthquake is happening on another island, Sumatra. Here on Java we barely felt the earthquake, I didn’t at all. But it is really sad what is happening there […]