Month: August 2009

  • A Trip with the Family

    Weekend. The perfect time to meet up with the whole family. Easier said than done, but I’ll explain it later. A trip into the near-by tea mountains, to be exactly to Puncak, where the family owns a house, it is renovating right now. Now since the whole family hadn’t gathered yet completely we waited. And […]

  • About the Sun and Indonesian Life

    Just two pictures trying to give you a glimpse of life here. The sunset over the Restaurant being one of them. On the other picture you can see a car and the wilderness around it and parts of the bench I’m sitting at. In my opinion it represents the live here, at least a bit. […]

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

    Doing one last shopping trip 🙂 # Saya ingin praktekkan Bahasa Indonesia. # 3 days to go … # New blog post: A little "thank you" # New post about my Year in Indonesia: : Goodbye Lake of Constance! # Packing my things & last day at home # New post about my Year […]

  • A first Glimps at the Cipta Mandiri

    Ok, so once again I couldn’t take pictures because I had to enjoy the moment. After having me registrated at the local police station, we went to visit the Yayasan Cipta Mandiri (from here on called YCM). As far as I know, it is not accessable for cars. It’s in the middle of a living […]

  • A new Home

    I don’t know when you will actually read this post, since I still have to look how to manage all the things with the internet, but I’m writting it for you anyway. It might be that you get like several posts at once. So all I did today was pretty much await the very moment […]

  • About the Arrival Camp

    So this is the very last night in the Arrival Camp. We are getting ready to go to Bogor. But what has happened so far? I will give you a little review about the last two days. Yesterday beside some sessions about the culture and language we had a so-called “Mini-Olympics”. Or in other words […]

  • Getting to Jakarta

    Episode 2 or Friday: I had to stand up early than intended because  of a thunderstorm in order to reach Frankfurt. You heard right, I didn’t say Frankfurt Airport, that’s because I needed to get my visa first at the Embassy. After all everything went fine and I got my visa. Luckily from Frankfurt you […]

  • On the Way

    Episode 1* or Thursday: Today I’ve made it to my grandparents as planed. Apparently I’ve taken everything with me I planed to, at least after the last revision. I couldn’t help it to take some pictures from the towns and landscapes that passed by in front of my train window. Some last glimpses on Germany. […]

  • The Time has come

    These are the last words written to you from Germany. I’m getting my train in two hours. I’d like to describe you how it feels right now, but I came only to the words: “You know what I mean if you did it too.” I wish you all a good time and hope everybody enjoys […]

  • Goodbye Lake of Constance!

    I don’t want to say much. I let the lake speak for himself. Ich möchte nicht viele Worte verlieren. Der See soll für sich sprechen. No quiero decir mucho. El lago lo dirá. [imagebrowser id=3]